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Four adcantages of pvc packaging

Four adcantages of pvc packaging
Update Time:2018-08-08
There are 4 advantages of pvc packing:
1, the packaging process is simple, easy to use and operate. Manufacturers, packagers purchase as long as the quality of the specific features of flexible packaging materials and equipment, can be self-packaging, technical requirements easy to grasp. Flexible packaging products easy to open and easy to use.
2, strong commodity attractive, especially for sales of packaging requirements. Flexible packaging is the most affinity form of packaging. Flexible packaging materials, products, light texture, soft, comfortable feel, but also for Polychrome, information conveyed good effect, so that consumers feel good reputation.
3, save packaging costs and transportation costs. Because most of the material is soft, lightweight, flexible packaging films and sheets, packaging fitted, packaging materials occupies a small weight, invalid empty penny packaging, distribution and transport of goods is very convenient, transportation costs significantly lower than the rigid packaging of goods.
4, to meet the diverse requirements of the protection of goods, significantly improve the shelf life of the product. There are various flexible functional materials, either separately meet the water vapor, gases, oils, organic solvents and other substances barrier requirements, but also to meet rust, corrosion, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, anti-chemical and other requirements, fresh and sterile, non-toxic pollution and other requirements

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