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Why people choose PVC bag in daily life?

Why people choose PVC bag in daily life?
Issue Time:2018-08-06
PVC bag in China is usually through high-frequency hot-pressing or car line sewing to the production and processing, high-frequency hot-pressing PVC bag, PVC film first cut by the next cut into pieces, and then need to print the first silk screen, and finally And then made of high-frequency machine hot, under normal circumstances do not order copper mold production. PVC bag, PVC bag, PVC zipper bag, PVC handbag, PVC cosmetic bag, CD set, card sets and children's backpack, and other styles, and different, and can be compressed into pvc gift bags, Pattern effect
PVC bags are widely used in food bags, cosmetic bags, underwear bags, socks bags, cultural and sports goods bags, children's toys, inflatable products such as packaging. Although the price of PVC plastic bags OPP bags and PE bags and so on to be expensive. However, PVC plastic bags in appearance to be beautiful to a lot of products used to enhance the quality of products, so many of the products will be used to do business pvc plastic bags to do the packaging, this is a lot of shops, businesses choose pvc plastic bags Reasons, but now PVC bag in our lives which is more and more frequent, but people still prefer environmentally friendly PVC bag.

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